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    This is my 9th year teaching but my first year in 3rd grade, and my first year in a self-contained classroom in a while (I was a support teacher, and did mainly pull-out and a little push-in).

    I'm excited about this new challenge, but one thing that's been keeping me awake at night is the nitty-gritty scheduling of things. I know what our bell schedule will (probably) be next year, and I know that I'll be teaching integrated ELA/Science/Social Studies and math and PE, of course (it's mandated in CA) but I can't quite decide what I want things to look like, or what's best for the kids. Now, I know everyone has different circumstances, but I would love to see your basic daily schedule -- I'm hoping it'll give me some ideas, or at least make me feel a little better about the decisions I have made :)
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    It has been awhile....

    10 minutes- morning work
    30 minutes- special (music or PE)
    50 minutes- science
    10 minutes- read aloud and snack
    30 minutes- social studies
    45 minutes- writing/spelling/grammar
    45 minutes- lunch/recess
    85 minutes- reading
    25 minutes- reading enrichment w/other teacher
    60+ minutes- math
    pack up, go home
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    90 minutes math
    50 minutes science/ social studies (mostly science, social studies is usually integrated into literacy and science is tested for my grade)
    150 minutes literacy (reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar, spelling). It's hard for me to break the minutes down exactly because it really depends on what we are doing that day. Some days writing may be longer if we are researching, or we might need more time on reading one day, etcetera. I'm lucky that my district doesn't make us do a set amount of time on each subject.

    We have 60 minutes daily for pull outs (PE, music, library, etc.), 30 minutes lunch, 40 minutes recess.

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