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    I teach an after school group of twelve 5-7 year olds. I want the class to sponsor a needy child from the Angel Tree. I did this last year with the older kids and it was wonderful. After I explain that this child is needy, what do I say if they ask why Santa doesn't bring them these things? I don't want to go into the whole Santa thing with them. This is such a great experience though and I think it helps to teach them compassion, and sharng. I don't want to give it up. Any ideas?
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    "Sometimes Santa asks for helpers to make sure that all of the children get wonderful presents fro Christmas""
    "Just think how happy she will be when she finds out that she got presents from Santa AND from us!"

    If you explain that you are giving these presents to help the little girl or boy's mommy and daddy, I don't think they will question it because they know that they get presents from their families AND Santa, too.

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