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    :(I am currently living and teaching in San Diego and although we have received the week off of school due to the fires, this is a horrible time for the county of San Diego. The "Rice Fire" is currently threatening many homes in the area that I teach. At this time we do know that 2 teachers in our district have lost their homes and until we return to work on Monday we will not truly know how many students will be in that same situation. We are lucky that our town has that small town community feel :hugs:and I know that they will come together to help these families rebuild and recover. The last count was 210 homes in Fallbrook and 1250 homes in the San Diego County. Just horrible! My thoughts and prayers are with EVERY family in San Diego and especially my students and my aunt who are still waiting to hear the status of their own homes. Those of you who are/are not in SD please keep us in your thoughts! :thanks:

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