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Discussion in 'Job Seekers' started by koop, Aug 3, 2007.

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    I have an interview on Moday and am not sure what format the sample lesson plan I have to give should be in. I am expereinced in writing formal lesson plans from school, but don't know if this is what I should do, and how many lesson plans should I bring? Please help. I am so scared an nervous I won't do well. i really want to get this job after trying for over two years to land a job. Thanks
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    Hi and welcome!!

    I'm not sure that your lesson plans will be the primary focus of the interview. I say bring along a few you've used while student teaching; don't change them. That way, if the subject does come up, you'll be comfortable talking about the lesson and how it went. Changing the format will only make you less confident in discussing the lesson. Think about putting together a portfolio if you haven't already; you can do a search and get some ideas.

    What you need to do is get out of "scared and nervous" mode and into "this job is MINE!!" mode. They're not going to hire any candidate who doesn't believe herself to be the best person for the job... how can you sell them if you don't believe it yourself??? You already KNOW how to teach, we're talking now about sales.

    Start by hitting the kitchen and making a big pitcher of iced tea. Find some paper and a pen and hit this thread:

    Copy down any questions which might possibly apply to your grade/subject matter. Outline your answer, then see how others have answered and make changes as necessary to your own answer. Then go on to the next question. Post anything you're not sure of (you can use the "quote" key when posting if that's easier.)

    Note: I've just given you hours of work. Trust me!

    Then, between now and tomorrow, figure out what you're going to wear. Most of us agree on a suit, but get it together today or tomorow morning.. right down to the shoes. When I was interviewing last year, I got a canvas briefcase for $20 at Target--- it gave me someplace to put my resumes.

    OK... get started! :)
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    Aug 3, 2007

    I agree with Alice. I lucked out and a friend that interviewed in the same building that I did on Thursday emailed me the teacher perciever questions because most of her interview consisted of those questions. Per her suggestion, I typed out my responses and read over them while I was waiting for the team to get ready. It really calmed by nerves and made me feel confident walking into the room! I was asked several of those questions. There are lots of threads with great questions that people have been asked in interviews, write out responses to them and look over them while waiting. Also, bring your lesson plans just as they are...if they are good, principals take notice! I went to school in Kentucky and my university did lesson plans in a totally different way than most universities around where I got a job. But principals noticed my attention to detail. I loved bringing my portfolio with me on interviews, it gave me something to do with my hands and it was great to provide visuals for things I was discussing during my interview!

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