Round robin reading - effective or evil?

Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by Jerseygirlteach, Mar 12, 2014.

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    I echo read and choral read in small groups. I feel it is more engaging. The ones who are not in my group are reading independently, with a partner, or doing word work. These literacy tasks assure that everyone is working on important literacy skills and are engaged. To assess, I confer with students as they read to me on a one-on-one basis. I confer with two students a day (I work with two small reading groups and confer with two students daily). It allows me to determine future needed instruction, advise them right then and there on different reading strategies they can use to be successful, and determine their reading level.
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    I might do it for the first few pages in a guided reading group just to get them started but after that they read independently. I was thinking of it in a whole class lesson though.
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    I don't use round robin reading because the kids only pay attention until it's their turn to read. I do popcorn reading, which is similar, but the kids have to pay attention and follow along because they don't know when/if I'll call on them to read. I use this in small groups and I think it's very effective. My principal told me that the kids should be whisper reading with me listening specifically to one child each day. I cannot do this. It's SO difficult! For one thing, for me to be able to hear a child read s/he must be reading louder than a whisper. Also, when a bunch of kids are reading loudly enough for me to hear them, they are obviously distracting one another or racing to finish first. I think it's so much more helpful for students to read aloud because I can hear them clearly, help them decode words, and commend them for using good strategies (like self correction, using context clues, chunking, etc.). Also, ALL the students in the group benefit from the teaching the child reading gets. I do find that it's CRUCIAL to set the stage for out loud reading, though, so that kids know they are not to help someone with reading and that they understand that we all are reading on different levels at different paces. I make sure that no child feels uncomfortable reading out loud or feels threatened in any way due to inability, etc. With whole group I like to read aloud and have the class fill in a word when I stop, or have girls read a paragraph, then even numbers read, then everyone with blue eyes, etc. Sometimes I read and then tap a child lightly on the head when I want him/her to take a turn. We also partner read at least once a week.

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