Rica regarde $50 worth it?

Discussion in 'Other Tests' started by meeg, Dec 4, 2015.

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    I took the test about 3 months ago and received a 218/300. 220 is need to pass so I was about 2 points short.

    I recently attempted the test again in November, this time I studied 10x as much and having taken the test already one time before I felt that experience was also very helpful. I was very nervous but when I took the test the second time I felt very confident and felt I knew most of the questions. My case study was much stronger, having studied the Chris Boosalis videos and memorized all the strategies necessary. I felt my case study responses were much stronger, I even had 1hr left over this time which I used to check my test and polish it up very nicely.

    To my great disappointment I received my score. I got a 219/300, one point short of a passing grade. I was completely devastated seeing as I was already in the process of applying for my credential l being absolutely certain I passed.

    I recently called CTC exams asking what options I have. They told me I could have it regraded for $50. I couldn't specifically tell me that the same person would grade my test but did tell me that they have MANY people who grade the exam. They also told me that 2 people grade the exam and must come to a consensus. The woman on the phone also told me that she hasn't personally seen a test be regraded to pass but that "it has happened." My question is what experience others might have regarding regrading and is it worth it? I tried rescheduling a test but there was nothing until February.
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    It's very, very rarely the case that rescoring results in a different score.

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