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Discussion in 'Secondary Education' started by allaragallagher, Jan 7, 2015.

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    I have a tough class. The class is tough with everyone, veteran and new teachers alike. They do not perform for any of us. They have zero work ethic. We have had meetings about what to do about this class as a whole. Our principal told us to "send them out" when they are disruptive. This results is us sending the same kids out everyday.

    I found that positive reinforcement seems to work better than - say - detentions. They were very good on the day that they had to be in order to go watch a movie in a different class.

    I already rule with an iron fist, but I recently made a classroom privileges poster and deemed Friday's "FREE SSR FRIDAYS!" They are allowed to bring in blankets and pillows, sit anywhere, snack and drink water, and listen to music if they have headphones. Basically, all the things I would usually allow if they were a different class.

    I cross off one of these privileges every time they get too rowdy until Friday's look like every other day in my classroom: a prison. I've recently implemented the use of a behavior tracking chart as well. I give each student a 1-5 "rating" on his/her behavior (subjective, yes, but determined via a rubric) and I've decided that if a student gets all 1's, he/she should be rewarded.

    Since none of my rewards (or even punishments!) seem to elicit the desired response, I'm wondering what you all use as rewards/punishments for high school students. Sure, they want to sit in my seat if I let them, but they won't do work for it. They certainly don't want to have lunch with me. In fact, I've brought in students for "intervention" during lunch because my principal told me to stop writing so many detentions for things like forgetting their books or refusing to do any work.

    Just asking.
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    I've always found food to work well (candy, hot cheetos). You could also ask for their input on rewards. The free fridays is a really good reward and letting them listen to music.
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    That's a toughie. I don't bribe my students (also high school) and feel that their grades should be reward enough for their work.

    The problem is, with my students that have the same attitudes toward work, that they do not see a connection with work and reward. Again, with MY students, the majority who feel this way have been taught for a long time that a) selling drugs is a way to make $$$ with little work and/or b) the government will provide no matter how little they do.

    I once fussed at a student for not participating in class. He told me that he made more money during lunch than I'd make all week. He was probably telling the truth.
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    I give out homework passes. One student per day gets a pass. It helps with keeping them quiet, because no one wants to really do my homework, and I have a large enough class to where the same people won't miss homework over and over.
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    I had a class like that last year. Allowing them to listen to music was ALWAYS a crowd pleaser. With kids like this, homework passes or bonus points for good behavior usually don't work because they don't see the point of being in school. Also, many would prefer to be sent into the hallway or to the office - every minute that they're there, they're not in class.

    At this point, pick your battles and do your best to survive the year. A class like that only comes around once in a while, and next year will be better.
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    For rewards I like to use things that are free to me, otherwise it can get quite expensive (like food), and once you established that as a reward it's hard to take it back.

    This is my 3rd year that i have used Fred Jone's P.A.T. (preferred activity time), it's a slightly modified / simplified version of it. I even used it in my many many 1 week or 2 weeks sub assignments, and they always work.

    Students earn 'time' for Friday. During that time they have activities they can participate in, what the activities are, up to your students. You do have to buy these things, but just once.
    They earn 4 minutes a day, which adds up to 20 minutes for Friday. usually they end up with about 13-17 minutes because they're no angels, but this is a good motivator for them. Anytime I want to erase 1 point, they get on each others' cases to be quiet, because they know once they lose a minute, they can't earn it back.

    My students like to play cards and dominoes, I also have a chess board and some play it. We can also go outside and play basketball, but they have to all agree on it.

    originally the idea is that they must be doing some kind of activity, not just sit around, but at my school this is limited, so i do let them sit and talk, which is fine, that's what they're trying to do all day lol

    For high school I would suggest any of the following and see how your students feel about it (these are all whole class rewards)
    cards, dominoes, chess, checkers, puzzles, drawing (you can find higher level instructions, such as how to draw cartoons, faces, people, etc), computers if it's available, students play on their phones (up to your school) watch video clips (make sure it's appropriate) and you can just also ask them.
    Of course check with your admin, they might not like the students playing cards, but there is a social aspect to it, they are working together and getting along 9hard for some of ours) and they do have to use their brains lol)

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