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Discussion in 'Preschool' started by EllieDingess, Jan 10, 2018.

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    I know that there had been some discussion about this in previous years, but I was wondering if there are any centers that are using this curriculum now? How does it work for you in the classroom, for lesson planning, and for assessing students? Looking in to new curricula and this was one that was presented. Thank you
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    I have used it at several centers in the past few years. Has come a long way from Creative Curriculum, which is now referred to as the curriculum itself, and TSG is the assessment tool. It is constantly upgrading, and IMO, the more changes they make, the more complicated it becomes. But if you can navigate around the site, you will find many of the same resources and much more outside of what classic handbook offers. The fill-in lesson plan and family conference forms can make life easier, or cumbersome, depending on what you make of it. Keeps you from doing all that writing, for sure. If you have the complete kit, it comes with a set of themes, which they call a Study. It also includes all the books you need for planning your lesson! The Mighty Minutes offer some quick ideas for individual and class activities as well. Lots of other add ons, so you really have all your work cut out for you. It depends on your admin. staff. If they want you to follow it to the letter, you have it in front of you. If you are free to develop your own ideas you can add to it, and or skip what you don't like.

    I was fortunate to find a free workshop, and I learned some really good time saving tips. Happy to share the best one: the TSG App. Put it on your phone or tablet. If your center allows you to use personal smartphones and/or personal/school tablets, this will make adding observations for documentation SO much easier!! You simply click, take photos, type or (love this!) dictate notes with the microphone, select your students, and you can put in the objectives. Then click on upload button. You are done! That observation is zapped into your View Documentation page!! You can always go back and edited it, but it is 100% faster for me.

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