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Discussion in 'Job Seekers' started by NCP, Jun 8, 2012.

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    Hello- I am an oldie (!) here, but have been absent for awhile. I left the classroom in 2008 after my son was born and have moved twice with my family and had another baby in that time. I feel like it is time to go back to the classroom but I need help/encouragement/advise. I looked through the forum briefly but didn't quite find what I was looking for.

    1) Applitrack- I am finding it a bit confusing. Do I need to apply for every job I am interested in? The districts I am applying in seem to keep their jobs open for a loooong time (one has jobs posted from March) and everytime I log into Applitrack to view open jobs the previous specific jobs I am interested in are marked. If I try to mark the check box for a new job it prompts me that I changed my application and do I want to continue.
    Or am I doing it all wrong and I am supposed to email the principals directly with my cover letter/resume? I am not sure, especially since some of the schools don't even have websites/emails listed.

    2) Other returning teachers- Those of you who left for awhile and returned, how did it go? Did you return to the same district? I am finding it difficult to make contacts since I didn't go to college or teach in the district/state I am currently in. I know I might need to sub next year, which is not out of the question, but there are so many open jobs in the five districts I am close to I am hoping for a classroom position.

    Of course this is complicated by the fact that I am also looking back at home in my prior district since we have the flexibility to move right now and that would be a move back home.

    Thank you in advance for the pointers. I feel so overwhelmed by all the changes in the space of three years!
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    Sorry, I can't answer your first question, but I can take a stab at the second one. I stayed home for ten years after my second child was born. For me, the key to getting a job after the time at home was making connections. I subbed and volunteered in my district prior to being hired. Basically, I tried to make myself known to the principals and superintendent in any way possible. I subbed in all kinds of classrooms - from kindergarten to special ed to guidance to middle school.

    As to other aspects of preparing for a return to the classroom, just make sure that you are up on the current jargon - be able to discuss RtI, PBIS, Common Core, etc. like a pro!
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    Applitrac just hit yes. And then resubmit it at the end. Most districts that use it only take applications through the system and don't accept them outside of it. Once you fill out 1 you can transfer the data to future districts so you don't have to start from scratch every time. You will need to keep uploading your documents though.

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