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    At this point in my career I am fairly confident in my classroom management. I work really hard to build relationships with students and their family from day one. I usually have 1 or 2 students that have an issue in class, but I have never had to call behavior support or send a student to the office. I have had a student here or there that might need a break - that I have sent to see a neighboring teacher with an errand. I've never had a student become so dysregulated that the rest of the classroom is unsafe. I've never had students throwing chairs, hitting, throwing shoes, spitting, and more. I haven't had a kid run. Those connections serve us well in those flight or fight moments. I have been out of the classroom, but zoom daily with my class for core lessons. I'm appalled. I didn't have any behavior issues before I left, now it feels so toxic. I overheard on zoom today while the kids were doing independent work a few comments that left me feeling like it is my fault. I need desks instead of tables (we don't have anymore desks). I need to do this. I need to do that. All revolving around solving behavior problems. Listen, I am watching the behavior play out. I am tempted to record the lesson to have it to reflect. Everything said is negative. Only certain students are called on by her. A very heavy focus on "good" vs "bad." I only have a few more days until I am able to return.

    How can I support the sub until I come back and suggestions for reentry. I have one student who said they are doing this stuff because they can - because they don't like the sub - and she doesn't stop them. Its a say what I mean, mean what I say, and follow through. Fake it til you make it being the stronger smell weakness. I think that is a root of what is happening. One kid is enjoying the one on one constantly. So anytime the kid doesn't have one on one he acts out now. The mom said she isn't picking up. She knows the issue is exactly what I am seeing - no relationship/connection, feels like they are bad, so why behave? (Early Childhood Age)
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    It sounds like your substitute has been allowing a LOT of bad habits to arise. This is not you, as it sounds like you're usually in control. The fact that you are out of the room and these things are happening means that your culture is not being maintained.
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