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Discussion in 'Special Interests' started by Stephen Poss, Jan 26, 2017.

  1. Stephen Poss

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    Jan 26, 2017

    I would like to start a discussion about how to protect our retirement plans and fund from questionable practices o f government agencies, the plan managers themselves, and corrupt politicians. I am particularly interested in how to get our retirements to divest from fossil fuels, especially now that climate change is very much happening (floods and droughts and heat waves and polar vortexes, etc.) and the positive feedback loops taking off (melting ice, frozen methane escaping, deforestation via fire, etc.) AND our government now being run by the very industry we must eliminate sooner than later. There will be many fossil fuel stranded assets when the world accepts that change must happen, and I do not want my retirement fund to suffer that loss in value - and I also do not want to encourage or invest in this industry. I hope and trust there are others in this profession who agree.

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