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Discussion in 'Job Seekers' started by AnthonyA, Oct 14, 2009.

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    Actually, resume questions lol

    I left the teaching scene for about 6 years or so. Got back to it a few years ago. Should I include the non-teaching position I held in order to "explain" that gap? Also, should I include my BA if I already have my Masters? There is a 6 year gap between the two so I'd prefer to leave that out. Lastly, my GPA for my Masters was 3.56. I think that is fairly good, but I'm currently choosing not to include that. It's just not high enough imo but would like yours as well. Thanks in advance!
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    Oct 14, 2009

    If you feel that putting in your last job makes you more marketable, then yes I would leave it in. Just because it isn't teaching does not mean it wouldn't add value (say for example you want to be a kindergarten teacher and worked at IKEA for a year..although the jobs are different, you may want to emphasize that your customer service skills/project management skills/ etc...things that come in handy when dealing with parents/managing a project..etc). On my cv I left in some work I did earlier with computers because some of it showcases my ability to work with others/project management skills and I emphasized this later in the job interview.

    I would include the BA if, as before, you think it is beneficial to what you are looking for/adds to your skill set. I have a secondary BA that has nothing to do with teaching on my cv but left it on because it adds to my skillset and darn it, I payed alot of money for it/worked hard for it , so it stays :) In fact, when I first got it, I actually put on my cv that I didn't have any help with paying the tuition (parental, etc) ..that actually impressed the interviewer more than the actual subject and I got the job.

    RE gpa, I honestly would leave it off. It has nothing to do with the score, it is just I have never seen anyone really take GPA into account in comparison to say experience. I think I was only asked for my grades once but that was only to see what courses I had taken so the employer could see the full scope of everything I have taken. But I never met one that really cared about grades.

    In the end though, if you think it adds to your skillset and makes you stand out, leave it. Emphasize but don't overdo it.
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    Yes, you should include your other job. Maybe have a section for "education experience" and a section for "other experience" on the resume. You also need to include your BA. The school that hires you will likely need your transcripts anyway. I've never put my GPA on my resume. As long as you graduated, it just isn't relevant, especially for someone who has been out of college for awhile.

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