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Discussion in 'Job Seekers' started by miss-m, Apr 24, 2021.

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    Hey all! I could use some feedback on my resume. My old one was very wordy and not formatted very well so I redid it a while back to make it pop, but now I'm worried that it's not any better. I know it's still early in the hiring process, but I'm not even getting called for interviews and I don't know why. I've had a few screening interviews that seemed to go well, but haven't had any follow ups from those. The job postings have been removed, so I'm assuming they've been filled.

    I could really use some feedback. Is it too much? Not enough? What am I missing here?
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    Here's my take, and teaching resumes used to be part of my job, but keep in mind that everything I'm saying is a choice, not a right/wrong thing:
    Take out the "adapting standards" thing; that's just plain part of a classroom teacher's job these days. If you choose to leave it in, add if there was any particular structure, like RTI or universal design for learning.
    The next two are both strong points that I would keep as-is.

    I would add a bit more detail to the math and science part. If you did real-world applications, project-based learning, or cross-curricular integration, then say that. Those are all buzz-terms for a reason. Maybe don't say "engaging" twice in a row, but it's not that big of a deal. If you'd used it a third time, then there'd be a problem.

    Collaborating is just expected, so unless there was something specifically different about the way collaboration happened or what was collaborated on, it's not needed.

    Digital literacy and PBIS are both great buzz-terms too, especially if you're in a state that's currently transitioning to PBIS.

    I would add some description to the discovery room job. Everyone who would be hiring you knows what a substitute teacher does, but at least I have no idea what being a discovery room facilitator includes.

    I was taught to put only graduating year for degrees, and I would add in if you had honors.

    I would also add in examples of which digital tools you're trained/experienced in. There's so many on the market that not being specific may not be helping you.
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