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    Hi all, I've just recently started working on my resume. I have a bunch of books on the topic of getting a job teaching. I've tried to listen to all the advice... and I wonder if my resume is TOO much information!
    Could I please have your feedback? Does it look too overdone? Or, am I mental and is it UNDERdone?

    (Sorry, my formatting came out horribly in the copy/paste. Too tired to fix it now! ;) )

    1 Main Street, Town ST 12345
    (555) 111 – 2222

    JOB OBJECTIVE: Seeking to teach middle / high school English/Language Arts within the BLANK School District. (Will tailor to prospective district)

    Master in the Art of Teaching: Secondary English 4.0 GPA
    College X, ST December 2011
    Bachelor of Science in Music Performance Concentration: Vocal Performance
    University X, ST May 2009

    5-12 English Language Arts STATE Certification Anticipated February, 2012


    Blank Middle School
    Student Teacher City, State Fall 2011
    Taught five academically diverse and multi-cultural English classes totaling over 110 seventh grade students
    • Created a unit plan aimed at raising reading comprehension through teaching comprehension skills in reading poetry. Led students in the analysis and understanding the works of diverse poets. Unit culminated in a final project that addressed reading strategies, poetry analysis, specially designed graphic organizers, and a poetry reading. Students chose poems that inspired them from the Poetry Outloud online database.
    • Coordinated the visits of guest performers to enhance the students understanding of poetry in the real world: a local hip hop artist, an award winning slam poet, and an internet chat with an NYC-based band. Guests performed and spoke of poetry’s influence on their lives and careers, and how they view the writing process.
    • Effectively created behavior and academic intervention plans with parents and students to increase communication and student responsibility in the classroom.


    Boys & Girls Club of Place

    Teen Director City, State Aug. 2011 – Present
    Managed the Teen Room and led programming for middle and high school students.
    • Advised the Torch Club community service program to create service learning opportunities for middle schoolers on club, town, and state levels. Main project was addressing differences and bullying through the lens of working with the Special Olympics and special education students in local schools. Increased participant numbers by double and greatly improved involvement in the local community through outreach and fundraising efforts.
    • Organized the annual high school Keystone college tour. Introduced a dozen teens to their college options and the atmosphere and requirements of area universities.

    Assistant Teen Director City, State Oct. 2010 – Aug.2011
    • Promoted to Teen Director after ten months.
    • Conceptualized the “Caught Reading” incentive program for literacy, in which students were entered into a monthly drawing for prizes in recognition of their independent reading.
    • Adapted the BGCA “Money Matters” financial learning program to suit the individual needs of our teens and community. Utilized pre and post assessments on financial terms and concepts, such as supply and demand. Guided students in planning and running the Teen Room Concessions Stand, which raised money for new games and items for the Teen Room.

    Camp Name
    Drama Counselor City, State Summer 2010
    • Created daily lessons for drama classes to groups ranging from age six to sixteen. Emphasized activities that required performance-based problem solving and encouraged quick-thinking improvisation skills.
    • Collaborated with arts and music counselors to stage an hour-long musical version of Peter Pan. Campers assisted with set design, costume creation, and staging to finish the entire production in two weeks.

    Awesome Services
    Autism Respite Provider City, State 2009-2010
    • Worked one-on-one with a non-verbal girl with autism in her home to create fun and relaxation activities and games that reinforced the progress made by her team of special educators from school and local organizations.
    • Mastered using various communication devices and used simple sign language to communicate with the child and build her working vocabulary.

    Smarty Pants Tutoring
    Reading and Math Tutor City, State Spring 2010
    • Strategically designed lessons to improve testing scores and classroom performance of two 4th grade students in both reading and math. Used manipulatives and games to teach decimals, math facts, rotation, and basic algebra. For reading, created targeted lessons for increased vocabulary, use of reading strategies, and test-taking skills.

    • Computer Software: Corel Photo Studio Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office Suite
    • Proficient with both Macintosh and PC
    • Well-versed in identifying and using educational resources on the internet

    • Intermediate Skill in Spanish Speaking and Writing
    • Basic knowledge of German
    • Spent time in both Mexico and Spain
    • Studied German and Opera for six weeks with the American Institute of Music Studies in Graz, Austria.

    Varsity High School Volleyball
    Theater: Music Director and Stage Director
    Mock Trial and Debate
    Degree in Voice Performance
    Creative Writing: short fiction, poetry, slam poetry
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    Nov 14, 2011

    Haven't read it closely in terms of content or grammar, but it looks good to me!
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    Nov 16, 2011

    I would probably omit the computer skills, foreign travel/language skills, and specialty skills sections. If you spent a semester at a college abroad, include that with your education section and just put the semester where you'd normally put your graduation year. The other things can be seen on your application, and (at least in my opinion) seem to gunk up your resume or make it seem like you're stretching to have a lot on there (especially the high school volleyball thing...). You have a lot of other good experiences, so unless you can work in your technology or Spanish speaking skills briefly into your experience descriptions, I really don't think they need separate sections.

    I am a fairly new resume writer as well, but this is just my :2cents:. Take it for what you wish!
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    It looks very detailed to me.
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    Nov 17, 2011

    You have a lot of GREAT information. I would work on presenting that information in such a way that it

    a) fits on one page
    b) highlights your most marketable talents/accomplishments (stress your time as the teen director over your six weeks in Austria, for instance)
    c) is visually appealing and draws the interviewer's eyes straight to your best points (use different fonts, bold words, etc.)

    Good luck!
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    Feb 2, 2012

    High School Student Resume

    Here this post is likely to helpful to all of us but put some resume templates some samples so it will be looking nice here.

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