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    I was hoping you could offer me some feedback on my updated resume. I'm a first year and I know that I still need to keep my student teaching information in my resume, which makes it hard to keep short. I would love it if you wouldn't mind loking it over and sounding off. Thanks everyone!

    PS~ The typing and format is messed up because of copying and pasting!

    Objective: To obtain the fourth grade long term substitute teaching position at Harriet Beecher Stowe Elementary School.

    Education: Westfield State College, Westfield, MA
    B.S.E. Elementary Education, May 2006
    Academic Majors: Elementary Education and Liberal Studies (Spanish Concentration)

    Certification: Connecticut Initial License in Elementary Education K-6 (Endorsement 013) Expires 06/28/2009

    Massachusetts Initial License in Elementary Education 1-6 Expires 07/10/2011

    Teaching Experience:

    Long Term Substitute Teacher, Grade One
    Henry Barnard Elementary School, Enfield, CT Oct. 25, 2006- Feb. 16, 2007
    Utilized the Enfield Public School System's curriculum in developing and teaching lessons.
    Maintained classroom rules and implemented rewards system to encourage appropriate behavior for effective classroom management.
    Met with parents, administrators, and other teachers frequently regarding behavior issues, curriculum, and academic progress.

    Per Diem Substitute Teacher
    Enfield Public Schools, Enfield, CT Oct. 2006- Present
    Implemented lesson plans and classroom management routines left by teacher.
    Instructed students of different grade levels in a variety of subjects.

    Undergraduate Teaching Experience:

    Practicum (Student Teaching Experience), Grade One
    Center School, Longmeadow, MA Jan. 2006- May 2006
    Assumed all responsibilities of cooperating practitioner.
    Responsible for developing lesson plans in accordance with the curriculum of the Longmeadow Public School System.
    Utilized classroom management techniques in maintaining an effective learning environment.

    Literacy Instruction for English Language Learners Apprenticeship, Grade Two
    Highland Elementary School, Westfield, MA Oct. 2005- Dec. 2005
    Developed literacy lessons for an ELL student.
    Administered the DRA regularly to assess student learning.
    Utilized literacy instruction and assessment techniques in tutoring an ELL student.

    Prepracticum, Grade Three
    Sumner Avenue Elementary School, Springfield, MA Feb. 2005- May 2005
    Developed and taught a habitat unit, including the organization of a field trip.
    Assisted cooperating practitioner with classroom management and administrative duties.
    Lead reading groups in daily literacy lessons.

    Prepracticum, Grade Four
    Southampton Road School, Westfield, MA Oct. 2004- Dec. 2004
    Developed and taught three lessons in accordance with the curriculum of the Westfield Public School System.
    Assisted cooperating practitioner with administrative duties.

    Related Activities:

    SNEA/ SEAM Member (2002-2006)
    Attended "What Every Future Teacher Needs to Know" Conference (2005)
    Literacy Volunteers of America Tutor (2002-2003)
    Holy Family Church CCD Teacher (2002-2003)
    Enfield Public Library After School Program Tutor (2002)
    NHS Member (2001-2002)

    Other Work Experience:

    Head Cashier, Big Y World Class Market, Enfield, CT Jan. 2001- Present
    Responsible for supervising and managing employees working on the front end of the facility.
    Accountable for executing procedures efficiently and appropriately according to company policy.
    Responsible for training cashiers and service desk associates in all aspects of the positions.

    Its 2 pages long. Thanks everyone! I have a LTS interview tomorrow, and REALLY want the position!
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    Mar 5, 2007

    1. Objectives aren't necessary. But if you MUST have one then I suggest that it be kept as short as possible. EXAMPLE: To obtain a long-term substitute position.

    By keeping it broad, you can use it everywhere and keep the door open for other schols and grade levels. IMHO, your main goal right now should just be securing a LTS position as seeing how any LTS will be good for you. If you rerally do have to have a 4th Grade LTS then do mention you're particularly interested in 4th grade when you go on your interviews. But leave the door open to by citing you'd take another grade. By showing flexibility, you're showing an employer that you truly are open to other things even when the timing isn't right. IMHO, employers like that.

    2. Under the objective, I'd re-work that as follows:


    Bachelor of Science - Elementary Education and Liberal Studies - WESTFIELD STATE COLLEGE, Westfield, MA​

    3. Below 'EDUCATION', highlight your certification as follows using 'CREDENTIALS' as the heading:


    Elementary Certification (Endorsement 013)
    Certificate number: 2176229
    Awarded from: State of Connecticut

    Initial License in Elementary Education (1-6)
    Certificate number: 2176229
    Awarded from: State of Massachusettes​

    (I'd put the two side-by-side. On the right-hand side I'd put the one that came first and then on the left-hand side I'd put the most recent one.)

    4. I'd re-work teaching experience as follows:


    Substitute Teacher; ENFIELD PUBLIC SCHOOLS – Enfield, CT 2/2007 – Present
    K-12, all areas
    Substitute Teacher; HENRY BARNARD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – Enfield, CT 10/2006 – 2/2007
    1st grade, long-term

    First of all, I'm going to assume the long-term at Henry Barnard was a full-day, 5 days a week. If so, it looks awkward for you to have 10/2006 - 2/2007 showing as a per diem sub for the Enfield Public Schools as peopel are going to wonder how on Earth you could be in two places at once doing two diferent things. Therefore, it m,akes more sense to show youa s a per diem sub at Enfield Public Schools from 2/2007 to the present.

    Secondly, keep it brief as to what you did. IMHO, you can be more detailed on electronic applications, paper applications, and in interviews. Résumés aren't read, only skimmed. So to make it full is kind of ridiculous. Besides, you want stuff you can talk about in an interviews. So by keeping it brief as to what you did on a résumé, you can then allow yourself to strike up the conversation during an interview. Not to mention, you let the interviewer field more questions by asking you what you did. Trust me, they like asking and you want to talk - the more the better!

    5. I'd probably isolate the student teaching and put that under its own heading as follows:


    CENTER SCHOOL – Longmeadow, MA 1/2006 – 5/2006
    1st Grade

    6. As for the practicums, I'd go ahead and isolate those too. Like this:


    HIGHLAND ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – Westfield, MA 10/2005 – 12/2005
    2nd Grade, Literacy Instruction for English Language Learners Apprenticeship
    SUMMER AVENUE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – Springfield, MA 2/2005 – 5/2005
    3rd Grade
    SOUTHAMPTON ROAD SCHOOL – Westfield, MA 10/2004 – 12/2004
    4th Grade

    6. As for the rest of it, it looks good. My only suggestion with that is to spell out things under 'RELATED ACTIVITIES'. What does SNEA/ SEAM mean? What does NHS mean? Not everyone is going to automatically know what those stand for.

    Also, get rid if what you did as a head cashier. What head cashiers do is pretty self-explanatory.

    I think the changes will cut it down significantly. You're just starting out and shouldn't have a résumé that long!

    P.S. --- Feel free to PM or E-Mail me through the forum and I'd be happy to foward my résumé along. You're welcome to use my general layout for your own.
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    No problem! :) ;)
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    HOw did it go?
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    Yes, how'd it go? :confused:

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