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Discussion in 'Job Seekers' started by luvteaching25, Feb 8, 2009.

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    Hi everyone,

    I am trying to work on my resume for the next school year. Please look it over and tell me if I am missing anything or what I should leave out. How long is the ideal resume supposed to be? Should I include professional development or organizations?
    Thanks in advance!!:thumb::)

    Peanut Butter
    XXX Jelly and PB Dr.

    Bilingual Generalist (EC-4) May 2008
    California State University, Northridge, Northridge, CA Family Studies-B.S May 2006

    XXXX Elementary School, XXXX, TX
    Classroom Bilingual Pre-K Teacher (08/07- present)
    • Engage in effective and appropriate classroom management techniques while creating and implementing lesson plans, which are in alignment with the State of Texas Pre-K Guidelines and follow the English Language Acquisition Model with Dual Language Components, as directed by Conroe ISD.
    • Differentiate Instruction amongst 33 children to help them meet independent and district-wide goals
    • Work with parents together to reinforce all colors, shapes and numbers in Spanish and English, and all Spanish Alphabet and Letter Sounds
    • Serve on Discipline, LPAC, and Technology Committees
    • Manage LPAC folders for all students in class and conduct developmental assessments.

    XXXX Elementary School, XXXX, TX
    Classroom Bilingual 1st Grade Teacher (Summer 2008)
    • Engaged in effective and appropriate classroom management techniques
    • Worked with students and their parents successfully in an effort of increasing two DRA levels in thirteen days of instruction
    • Created and implemented lesson plans in all content areas while meeting the TAKS standards
    • Conducted Developmental Assessments

    XX Head Start XXXX, TX
    Preschool Teacher (10/06-05/07)
    • Responsible for the supervision of the children
    • Created and Implement Scholastic Curriculum
    • Conducted Parent-Teacher Conferences, Home Visits and observations
    • Conducted Developmental Screenings

    North Valley YMCA Infant and Preschool Center, XXX, TX
    Assistant Director (06/05 – 9/06)
    • Responsible for the overall management of the center, 100 children ages 6 weeks- 5 years of age, and 16 teachers
    • Maintained records of all children enrolled and responsible for enrollment of children
    • Planned and coordinated school events along with staff meetings
    • Reviewed and evaluated lesson plans teachers implemented
    • Ordered monthly supplies while maintaining and managing subsidized childcare worksheets
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    Feb 8, 2009

    Here are some pointers that I learned:
    -Your resume should sell you in 20-30 seconds OR forget it!:help:
    -The length of your resume is AS long as needed, to be RELEVANT!
    (A 1-page one, is not a MUST!)
    -On each page, make sure you have on it; top right hand corner, your name and Pg number. (Pg 2 of 3), etc. This is in case your resume pages are separated accidently and they will be traced easily.
    -Your address is not needed anymore. You just need your name, phone number and email.
    -The best font is Times-Romans. Your name would be size 16
    and the rest in size 12.
    That's what I can recall for now.
    Good luck with your resume,

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