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    I am currently on an action plan for class management. This year 4 out of 5 classes are going well. I told the principal at the beginning of the semester my 5th class wasn't going well. He hadn't been in their a single time until my unscheduled informal this week. He focused mostly of the things that were not going well. He also put of my eval (the first time he even mentioned it to me!) that teachers made complaints about my 7th hour. First off, I told him there were issues a month and a half ago. 2nd of all, when I told him 1/3 of the things the other teachers told him were not true his only response was "that's what they told me." One of the teachers told him that they pulled out kids to "help me". These people have done nothing to help me and that claim is laughable.
    Secondly, I have only written referrals for that class and the consequences have been consistently lower than the minimum. For instance, last week a girl in that class refused to leave when I told her to step out (she was disturbing the class and refused to stop), she stood up and started yelling at me and cursed me out. Her consequence was one day in ISS that she served 3 school days (and 5 days total later). How is this fair? I scheduled a meeting with the 10th grade ap to discuss but "something came up" and she was a no show. I think at this point I should tell the principal. How can I get them to listen to me if I have -110% support.
    Over 1/2 of my students from my first 4 classes, have As and Bs btw.
    Thoughts of what to do?
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    I would first focus on what you can do to turn this situation around.

    Four out of five classes are going well. That's great. You can feel very good about that.

    Take a look at the things the principal said were not going well. Tackle them one at a time. Come here for advice on how to handle them. Chip away at them each day.

    Next, take a look at your relationships with the other teachers. The fact that they are saying untrue things about you means that you do not have good relationships with them. You need to turn this around as well as you can. You need the support of your colleagues. Seek them out, ask them how their day is going, ask for their advice. Offer to help them if they need something. Most people will respond quite positively to such overtures.

    Then when you are in need of their help, they will offer it to you.

    Not getting administrative support happens often in schools. You CAN get students to listen to you without it. You have to believe this in order to begin learning the skills to make it happen. Again, ask for advice on here or from your colleagues.

    Good luck. It sounds like you have great potential to make a difference in children's lives.
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    I had a teacher like that last year. She was buddy-buddy with the AP. I saw them eating lunch together several times!
    She told the AP there was an unauthorized party in my room. She told the AP she had to break up "several fights" in my room when there was only one.
    She told the AP "kids are always talking" in that class. She is an old teacher, very much against independent learning. She basically lectures the whole time and demands complete silence. The students take notes. That's pretty much their only role.

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