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    Our students are given a book list at the end of the year in preparation for the new school year. Very year parents seem to only bring in a few books and never the required amount of pencils.
    And every year I rip my hair out!

    They require 2 packets of coloured pencils and a box of 10 writing pencils. Usually they come with 1 or 2 writing pencils and a set of coloured pencils and inevitably they get lost in the first week and I end up replacing them with my own pencils from money from my own pocket.

    This year I want to send home a letter requesting ALL items on the book list will be required for the first day and that pencils will be collected and shared, so as to not put them in a pencil case and keep them in their packets.

    How can I put this in a letter without sounding pushy or rude?

    Any ideas on the wording?

    Thanks in advance

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