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Discussion in 'Teacher Time Out' started by hummingbirds49, Mar 5, 2016.

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    Mar 5, 2016

    I have several years of teaching experience in other school districts. I recently relocated to a new state, and therefore needed a new job. I took a job that is a very long commute, although this does not bother me. It is in an urban setting in a bit of a rough neighborhood, which I was okay with. The circumstances of the job and needs of the children were not made clear to me when accepting this position. There is very, very little administrative support and a lot of unrest in the school itself. On top of all this the evaluation procedures and union are a mess, including my own. I am thinking, for my mental and physical well being, of telling my administration I will not be returning in the fall but finishing this school year out. I am a very hard worker but I just cannot picture myself continuing in this environment for years to come. I have gone to my doctor due to the stress and my mental and physical health due to this job. I have never, after years of teaching, felt like this.

    Is there life after resignation? Will I be able to find another job, even if I don't have a letter of reference from the current administration? I feel in my gut this is the best move, for myself and my family and well-being, although I feel guilty and worried without having another job lined up....
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    Just to be clear - you would be finding a new job for next year? People do that constantly, I don't think it is a big deal. Leaving mid-year may be different (I would not recommend that for a variety of reasons) but changing jobs over the summer is no big deal. Is your evaluation poor? I couldn't quite tell from your post - that may be an issue. Would your administration have negative things to say about you, besides just the fact that you wouldn't be returning?

    Wouldn't you start looking before the school year is out, also? Around here, vacancies start going up now (private schools and charters have started posting them) through the late spring. The big districts post them April-ish.

    I am not planning to stay at my school and I plan to have a job before the end of the year for next year, and I have zero concerns about making that transition after the school year has ended. I did line up a letter of recommendation from my mentor and I could get some from more veteran teachers at my school including my grade team leader if I needed to, and I've made sure to hold on to my formal evaluations.
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    Yes, look now and tell future employers you don't have a letter of recommendation because your current employer doesn't know you are leaving yet. This happens all the time!

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