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    Ok, I was just wondering if anyone knew the requirements for teaching Special Education in NC. I was considering going back to school for it here in NJ where I currently live (it's an additional 21credits or so on top of my elementary cert). I am also throwing around the idea of relocating to NC and wasn't sure the requirements there...this post on a NC district website sort of threw me off....

    Qualified candidates are especially needed in the critical areas of:
    • Elementary Education (Must have met testing requirements for licensure.)
    • Exceptional Children (Special Education): Bachelor's Degree in either Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, Counseling, Child Development or Speech-Language Impaired, along with a cumulative GPA of 2.5. (Must have met testing requirements for licensure.)

    I have a BA in Elementary Ed. as well as Psychology and was wondering what else I'd need to meet the requirements for teaching special ed in NC.

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