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    Dec 8, 2002

    I am in the middle of report cards...and I find that I am writing the same thing over and over....any tips on what to say ? My biggest problem is how to write something thats not so good, but say it nicely ?
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    Dec 8, 2002

    For parents who clearly are not involved in their children's education but you don't want to be accusatory: "Please continue to work at home with Bobby on letter recognition and math facts".

    For kids who act like little monsters: "Jane's behavior continues to interfere with her learning. This is reflected in her grades. We will continue to work to help her stay on task and remain in her seat during instruction".

    For kids who just don't 'get it': "James has shown difficulty understading letter-sound correspondence, even with small group and one-on-one instruction. I urge you to practice these skills nightly with James."

    Always state the positive first, add areas for improvement, and end with another positive.;)

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