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    Thank you so much for the information. This means, in order to teach birth to grade 3, there're total of 2 exams? (1st, basic skills-Is this a CBEST exam?, and 2nd, Early Childhood exam-is it Psychology type of exam or multiple subject exam? What are the number 107 or 206 means? And if it is a multiple subject exam, what topics or subject areas are there to take ( is it like CSET?) How do you prepare for the test-what kind of test books (eg. Cliff, Barron's,...) are being used among the prospective teachers?

    Validity/Grade Range : Self-contained general education from birth to grade 3

    ILTS Tests:
    • A test of basic skills**
    • Early Childhood (107)
      • New Test - 206 (Available 1/22/18)
    • ONE of the following options:
      • Student teaching completed prior to 8/31/15:edTPA****or APT
      • Student teaching completed 9/1/15 or later:edTPA****
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    The current basic-skills test is the Test of Academic Proficiency. It's like CBEST, except that, where CBEST has two essays, TAP has one essay and 60 multiple-choice language arts questions. A test framework and practice questions are at

    I believe it's the case that SAT/ACT scores can be substituted for TAP scores, but the

    As for the Early Childhood test, what you've copy-pasted here tells me that test 206 has replaced test 107 as of January 2018. (Either Illinois content standards in early childhood ed changed enough to require the test to be revamped, or the requirements for early-childhood educators did.) Sure enough, if you look at the list of tests at, 107 isn't mentioned but 206 is. Clicking on the link for test 206 leads to a page of information about the test that includes a link to the preparation materials that are available online: again, you should find a test framework and links to practice questions.

    As for test-prep books, let's see if an Illinois-prepared teacher weighs in.

    If you possess a credential from California, your options will be somewhat different.

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