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    Please give me feedback and help me improve the following recommendation letter. Thanks!

    X has been teaching Chemical Systems at … High School for two years. She has been flexible enough these past two years to teach outside of her comfort area of Chemistry and teach our Chemical Systems class which consists of chemistry and earth science. Her teaching practice represents high academic achievement for all. She has enhanced the chemical systems curriculum with the use of technology. X worked collaboratively with other teachers to make our Chemical Systems class an excellent standards-driven course. She is extremely knowledgeable in her teaching area as well as all areas of science.
    X has also completed two years in the .... New Teacher Mentee Program. Through this program she has been involved in training that has helped improve her teaching strategies. She is flexible and able to adapt to new surroundings easily, as evidenced by her ability to teach in three different classrooms daily, each with configurations completely different from the others. X is able to work quickly to make instructional decisions on a regular basis. She is also well organized and reliable and maintains a positive attitude even in unpleasant circumstances. These successful teaching practices will serve her well in her teaching career.
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    You have several distinct paragraphs here. Try thinking in terms of the five-paragraph essay: what are the main points you want to make about this teacher? You also need some transition words, I think, to help the reader see how the points you present relate to each other.

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