Recess Safety Tip: Especially for New/Intern Teachers

Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by Obadiah, Aug 12, 2019.

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    When taking students outside, I always recommend to new teachers and interns that they purposefully scan the recess area with their eyes and be aware of any sounds. If something makes you uncomfortable, assume that it might be a danger and follow the school's procedures such as calling the office on your cell phone or taking the students back inside. Often the danger is benign, but better safe than sorry. Dangers I've encountered over many years of teaching: an animal control officer with a rifle who was quite upset that the school did not get the message to keep the students inside due to a rabid dog; a hunter who told the responding police officer he "didn't realize" he was too close to the school (duh!); a possible copperhead (it wasn't, but the teacher had to identify it first to be safe); broken glass; a worker spraying weed killer; a large tree branch snagged and ready to fall; etc.
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    Yes, I scan constantly out there, but mostly for potential problems between certain students and safety issues. We've had some students with major issues. A few have concerned me more than adults when it comes to something really bad happening.
    Also, I scan the halls for strangers.
    I maybe naïve, but I feel pretty safe at the school I am at now. There have been a couple of occasions I was worried something could go down.
    I live in an open carry state. Many boys, even some girls, hunt and own guns at a very young age. Of course, the parents of the kids with the worst problems, buy their kids guns for things like their birthdays. I can't wrap my head around that!
    Some parents are very responsible in teaching their kids gun safety. Some are not at all. When I went to school and 1st started teaching, kids who were severely emotionally disturbed were in either separate schools or classrooms. Now they are all in our classrooms.
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    I grew up in a rural location where many of your particular situations could have happened, but now live in an urban area where those scenarios sound extremely far fetched, although we have other concerns. Funny how much a change of scenery can impact the dangers we are looking out for so much. Good advice, especially for new teachers.
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