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Discussion in 'General Education' started by Tookie Williams, Jul 16, 2007.

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    yes, you all know what I'm talking about... ;) :p

    Who partakes? I purposely report to school a day before all the others do and look around in classes with new teachers who have yet to report. If they have a better overhead, I trade, if they have a school rug I need (not a personal rug, but one that belongs to the school), I take it.

    Last year, I taught the same subject as the previous year, but moved classrooms. The new room I had only had 10 desks because it was previously used for an ESE room. well, the previous year, I had classes with 30+ kids, so I knew I needed more. Well, only one teacher in my hallway was a returner, and he had already done this, but we went through the hall and got stuff we needed.

    I'm about to go up this week and shop a little, I need a rug for the front of my door (we have HORRIBLE sand and it tracks in HORRIBLY)

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