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Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by TeacherWhoRuns, Feb 14, 2018.

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    Feb 14, 2018

    Last year I had a medical issue that made the year really difficult. I had surgery and recovered and should be raring to go.
    This year I have a new principal who micromanages ridiculous stuff, and at the same time seems to feel the specials teachers are beneath her. One minute she's not interested, the next she's laying down decrees about specific ways to do things. Then she changes her mind and decides that you're not supposed to be doing things the way she told you to do it a few months ago. I'm certain she thinks I'm completely inept and I highly doubt I'll get a decent reference from her.
    I am so sad every day. I haven't felt like this since I was in a corporate situation and trying to get out because I was in the wrong field.
    I'm good at my job, and up to this year, I loved it. Its amazing how one person in a management position can crush you.
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    It can always get better.
    Before I give you some suggestions, I would like you to consider why your supervisor/the principal is acting this way.
    -Stick with it and keep your end goal in mind. At the end of the year, get a recommendation from your current principal. (When confronting your principal, make sure the principal is on your side.)
    -Confront the principal politely and discuss the situation with the principal.
    -Make a huge production and walk out of the building like you own the place (Don't do this!)
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    I know EXACTLY what you mean. I had surgery this past fall so I was out for 6 weeks, and it was hard getting back into teaching. It didn't help that my direct supervisor started hardcore micromanaging. She's been getting worse and worse since the last school year. In fact, she's started doing our lesson plans for us because she doesn't like the ones we come up with, even though I do the exact same thing every year and she used to like them. It's gotten so bad that she tells us what we can or can't hang on the walls now. She's also either really forgetful or a really good liar. She'll say one thing one day, and then the next day, she'll say she never said that. I couldn't stand it. So what did I do? I quit. This week is my last week. I always said I'd never quit mid-year but I did it. We're not under contract, don't have a union, etc., so I'm done. I don't need her reference. The supervisor above her said it'd be her pleasure to be a reference for me.
    I'm just going to sub for awhile since the district pays their subs exactly what I make in a day anyway. And long term subbing pays more.
    I'm not saying you should do what I did - just letting you know what I did & I understand how it feels to be crushed by one person
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