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Discussion in 'General Education' started by Samothrace, Mar 21, 2011.

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    I have a grad class about Curriculum Evaluation. I had to choose a program to 'mock evaluate' to get practice in writing an evaluation, theory etc. So I chose to do Reading Street.

    I would love for some help to get some outside answers away from the teachers I work with.

    Why does your district use Reading Street?
    What do you like best about it? What do you like least?
    Do your students enjoy the stories?
    How do you know if they are enjoying/engaged in the reading lessons?
    What kind of district do you teach in?

    Just trying to get some background info. I don't really know much about the program at all. Any help or other info you want to add would be great! Thanks! :D
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    Mar 21, 2011

    My best friend's school uses it and so does my dad's. They both say it's too scripted and its boring for kids. My best friend teaches 1st grade and she asked her kids "Are you ready for reading?" and they all said "noooo!" That is SO sad in first grade! They are using it because they think it will raise test scores. The one thing my dad likes about it is that it tests the kids on a new reading passage- so they really have to apply the skill (they are tested on fridays on whatever reading skill they've been working on with a brand new passage to see if they can apply the skill to new reading). Personally, I think any reading program that doesn't use real books is pointless. I HATE it when I see kids just doing test passages and never reading real books. These kids are going to grow up hating reading!

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