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Discussion in 'General Education' started by Sam C, Mar 19, 2020.

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    Hello all,

    This seems like one of those questions that draws a "use the search function" answer. I did make it to page five of the search results before deciding to post my question.

    I am a private tutor. I have two clients who receive language tutoring from me, one of whom is a second-grader with diagnosed dyslexia and one who is a kindergartner who likely has at least a few learning challenges.

    So far, I have been developing my own expertise in phonemic awareness and related theories, then building multi-sensory, TPR-style activities to develop skills in segmentation, blending, etc.

    The response has been excellent, but I suspect I'm reinventing the wheel. After all, it may be that my clients need 100% custom activities that are built from scratch--but I have a feeling that many before me have already done this legwork.

    However, my attempts to research and narrow down the plethora of reading programs have been incredibly unproductive. There are so many, each with different philosophies, strengths and weaknesses, and applications...

    Can anyone help me? Are there a few questions you could ask me that would lead you to recommend a handful that I could research?

    I so appreciate your time--even the time it took to read this post.

    I anticipate your replies!


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