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Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by JoviHawk, Oct 16, 2010.

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    We've been in school for 9 weeks now and the "powers that be" decides to rearrange EVERYONE'S schedule. This has caused my team to have to completely rethink our reading block. We have always switched kids into Approaching, On and Beyond levels but now we can't because of some of our special classes getting in the way. We now have to teach our homeroom during all of the 90 minute reading block. Now I have kids that are reading readiness and kids reading at at 6th grade level. Not real sure the best way to handle this. I already do centers at intervention time so really don't want to go that route. Curious about everyone reading routine and what works and what doesn't. I have a district wide pacing guide to follow and we use the Treasures curriculum. BTW, 2nd grade.
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    Do you have an aide or volunteers during this time? You'll have to be able to pull small groups for some of the time, your readers are so diverse.
    I have everyone work on the basal story (when I use it) and then pull the students for work on their level during writing time. I also use a readers workshop approach with conferencing. My students read their own books and then I meet with them at various times throughout the day (I try to meet with my lowest readers 3-4 times a week and my higher readers 1-2 times a week).

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