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    I need some help fifth grade teachers!! I need to come up with a more "engaging, rigorous" reading centers.

    Let me some further information:

    I teach in Florida, so we follow the "Florida State Standards" (Mostly common core with a few adjustments). We use the reading program "Reading Wonders", but the centers do not have to be based off that. We have three twenty minute rotations each day and thirty minutes of whole group instruction. Whole group is where we do the majority of our introductions to new weekly units, and vocabulary. In one rotation they are on Mobymax or Compass Learning on the computer. In another rotation they see me for small group instruction and so I have one rotation where they work on their own. So whatever center ideas I have students need to be able to finish a completed project in one to two sittings (center must be accountable) and I would prefer at most they work in pairs...(with this class anything more than two can quickly get off task.)

    One idea that I really liked was to have dice or a spinner and a key so that whenever they landed on a certain number or rolled a certain number they would have to describe a certain story element of the current story we are reading. (This is one idea I intend to implement but I am looking for more, I'd like to change it up to keep the students on their toes).

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