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Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by leighbball, May 28, 2008.

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    May 28, 2008

    A few people have mentioned this as a way of teaching whole group reading instruction. Can anyone give me some more insight into this? I'm learning how to do writer's workshop and I'm thinking they might be somewhat similiar... :)
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    It is the same format as Writing Workshop. There is a whole group minilesson (10-15 min.), independent practice, then share. During independent practice is when I pull my reading groups and the other kids are in workstations. But, you could also do it where they only read independently during this time and you do reading conferences. Depends on your grade and how you prefer to set it up.
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    May 28, 2008

    Where is Young Teacher at??? She is so good at explaining these things!!

    Reading workshop is similar to Writing workshop. This is what I do. I have taught RW for two years so I'm still learning!

    15 min - Reading minilesson (usually a read a loud, thinking aloud a comprehension strategy, sometimes recording thinking on a chart, sometimes students do a partner or independent activity) The comprehension strategies taught are connections, visualization, inferring, questioning, nonfiction/determining importance, synthesis.

    15 min - Independent Reading (only 15 min in first grade last year, but next year I'll be in second and I want to try to work up to 30 min) Kids are reading books THEY choose from the classroom library. Most books should be "just right" books, at their reading level. I have leveled books they choose from. I also have nonfiction books that they can choose from, but most books should be "just right" books. This year I started doing Reading Response Journals, where they responded to what they were reading (applying the comprehension strategy we were studying). This was my first year trying them out. Also, this is the time I work with guided reading groups or confer with students while they are reading.

    10 min - Sharing. The kids apply the comp strategy in their own reading and share their learning with the class. If they wrote in their response journal, then they can choose to share. I had a hard time getting to this every day this year. This was also the first time I tried it.

    I'd recommend "Reading With Meaning" with Debbie Miller because that is my bible for teaching reading!!!

    I believe in reading workshop 100% for teaching reading comprehension. When I started, we used a basal and every week we talked about a new strategy. The kids weren't internalizing th strategy, they were just filling out worksheets. In RW, we study a different comprehension strategy about every 4-6 weeks. I feel like kids are really comprehending and interacting with the stories!!

    Well that was Reading Workshop in a nutshell, hope that helped!

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