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    I posted this in the preservice forum, but I thought I'd post it here too for advice. I am going to be applying to elementary schools for a teaching position starting in the fall. I'll be applying for a position on a provisional/intern certificate since my degree is in Psychology. I think I have a chance since I have already been accepted into a certification/master's program, and I have been substituting. I was wondering if I should list relevant coursework on my resume since my degree isn't in education. What about service learning? For example, I had to observe in an elementary school as a part of my Exceptional Child class, and I volunteered at an afterschool program as a part of my Intro. to Sociology class. Should I put those on my resume? I'm also wondering about recommendations. The district I want to apply for simply says 3 letters of recommendation, but there are no forms. I submitted 3 recommendation forms to both the Graduate School and Dept. of Teacher Education when I applied for the post-bac certification/master's program at the end of last year. Can I use those? They should still be on file, right? Would I simply tell the district that they are on file at the University? Finally, what advice would you give to a non-education major about the Praxis II in Early Childhood? Specifically, the content area exercises (4 essays). Thanks.
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    I would put the volunteer/observation experiences on the resume. Also, in your cover letter, write about the courses you took for Psych. that you feel would apply. That's what I did. My major was elementary ed, but my second major (required) was Psychology. I was told that I should choose a core subject as my second major, but was really interested in Psych and decided to do that instead. I felt as though I needed to explain in my cover letter why that was the best choice for me and mentioned some of the courses I took such as psych of exceptional children, psych of mental retardation, child psych, etc.
    As far as the recommendations, the districts are probably looking for letters, not forms. You'll need to ask people (maybe those that filled out the recommendation forms for you) to write letters discussing why you'd be a good candidate for a position.
    Good luck in the job search! :)
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    The University probably won't release any copies of the recommendations, they are considered property of the university. Do you live in PA, b/c we also have an intern certification here. I just began a post bac certification program in Early childhood and I work full time. I'm taking 2 classes currently and I feel a bit overwhelmed and I'm doubting myself. There is soooo much to learn and retain, I have a degree in Criminology, I don't have any teaching experience. I have worked at a daycare and I currently volunteer at a literacy program for 1st grade students. I learn so much better if I can actually see these teaching strategies put into motion. I am just reading about them, I want to actually watch and observe how it is supposed to be done. I know the quick answer to this is to observe classrooms, but it is a long process to be cleared to even observe in a school. I have time saved up at work so I can use vacation time to do this. Would it be easier to observe in a catholic school or a charter school instead of a public school?

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