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    I am going to be applying to elementary schools for a teaching position starting in the fall. I'll be applying for a position on a provisional/intern certificate since my degree is in Psychology. I think I have a chance since I have already been accepted into a certification/master's program, and I have been substituting. I was wondering if I should list relevant coursework on my resume since my degree isn't in education. What about service learning? For example, I had to observe in an elementary school as a part of my Exceptional Child class, and I volunteered at an afterschool program as a part of my Intro. to Sociology class. Should I put those on my resume? I'm also wondering about recommendations. The district I want to apply for simply says 3 letters of recommendation, but there are no forms. I submitted 3 recommendation forms to both the Graduate School and Dept. of Teacher Education when I applied for the post-bac certification/master's program at the end of last year. Can I use those? They should still be on file, right? Would I simply tell the district that they are on file at the University? Finally, what advice would you give to a non-education major about the Praxis II in Early Childhood? Specifically, the content area exercises (4 essays). Thanks.
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    I replied on the other thread about this topic. :)

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