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Discussion in 'General Education' started by Linguist92021, Apr 14, 2024.

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    At the local community college there are two teaching openings for which I have the required education (well for one, for sure, the second might not work)

    My 3 questions are:
    I have an updated resume with which I have just secured a new teaching position (high school) an I l eave the resume as is? It talks about my past 11 years experience as a teacher and skills, education, etc. I can of course reword it to fit better for college requirements but I don't know what else I could do to it as I do not have any college or adult education experience.
    The same thing for the cover letter. The one I have used just recently worked well since it got me an interview within 2 days but I'm curious how I should change it since I have no college teaching experience.

    My next question is about education requirements
    1 is for education content, I'm sure it's for prep courses in education to transfer to a university, and for this I do have what they require

    The 2nd is for linguistics.
    I have a Masters in Education and Bachelors in Linguistics with a minor is Cultural Anthroplogy.
    The position asks for Bachelor’s in linguistics and Master’s in TESOL, anthropology, psychology, sociology, English or any foreign language; or equivalent education and/or experience (requires an equivalency).
    I don't have a masters in a foreign language but I do speak, read and write fluently another language (Hungarian) and I have an Associate's degree in another language (Arabic)

    What are my chances with the second one? Is it a straight no, or is it worth applying and see what they say? Of course, I do want to apply for both.

    By the way this college is in the very small town I live in, in the mountains (population 13,000) and it takes an hour to drive up here from the nearest 2 cities, and most people from the valley don't want to do that. It would be about $5000 a year for gas / and other expenses - I know because I've been doing it for 3 years, except for I live up here and drive down to the valley, which is why I now have a new job up here (high school alt. ed) During the winter we have snow and ice (we just had some yesterday!), and the highway does get shut down.
    My point with this is :) that they won't have an easy job finding many applicants; not saying they'll bend the rules, but maybe that would count with the Linguistics requirements?
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    Question 1: Leave the resume as-is (it's not like you can change your lived experiences), but change the cover letter. Take the ideas you like best, then add in something about why you want to change gears with a different age group.

    Question 2: Go for both. You're close enough to the requirements that you won't offend anyone by trying. Heck, when I was working at a community college, they told me they would've made me a chemistry professor if I'd had my masters in *anything*. . . . and my degree is in music ed. ... They desperately needed good chem teachers and I had a proven track record with chem. If you feel like you need to, you can acknowledge the deficit in your cover letter, but say why the training you DO have is sufficient/useful for the role.
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    Great advice! Couldn't have said it better.

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