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    I have to complete a graduate school assignment in which I interview multiple school leaders (can be principals, coaches, facilitators, team leaders, etc.) and ask them the following questions. I've already interviewed my principal and AP, so I thought I would see if someone here would be so kind as to provide my third interview. Even if you can only answer one question, that is still helpful. Thanks in advance!

    1. What is your definition of leadership?
    2. What are the positive aspects of being in a leadership position?
    3. What are the negative / difficult aspects of being in a leadership position?
    4. What recommendations would you make for a person to prepare for leadership?
    5. How do you deal with the politics in your organization?
    6. What ethical standards do you hold dear?
    7. How do you effectively get groups to work together to reach the goals of the organization?
    8. What strategies do you use to motivate your staff?
    9. What are your beliefs on developing other leaders within your organization? What methods have you found successful?
    10. What methods have you found effective for resolving conflicts in your organization?
    11. What books, training, or professional organizations would you recommend for further professional development in leadership?
    12. Any additional experience, learning, or advice that you might share?

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