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    I was wondering if anyone would be willing to answer some questions about teaching social studies for me?
    I am working on Social Studies Methods and curriculums, and I need to get the perspective of some teachers outside of my own state (Washington) and how they deal with the S.S standards for their state. Feel free to share anything you'd like; the questions below are just a kind of guideline.
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    Social Studies Interview
    I’m seeing that at some schools, social studies are not covered daily, but instead every other day or every other week (alternated with science content). Some of the teachers manage to integrate social studies into other content areas, like using a biography of Thomas Edison in the literature program.
    • How much time do you spend on social studies instruction?
    o Did you implement this schedule or is it part of a school-wide curriculum?
    o Does this work well for you and your students? How do you make it work?
    • Do you use a textbook?
    o If so, which is it and would you recommend it to other teachers?
    • Do you feel like the Social Studies standards are easy to understand and follow?
    • In my State, the standards are divided into five areas; Civics, Economics, Geography, History, or Social Studies skills. Does your state divide standards in a similar way?
    o Which of your state standards is hardest for you to meet?
    • What is your biggest challenge in teaching social studies?
    • What aspect of teaching Social studies do you enjoy the most?
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    I hope some of this info will help!
    I teach Social Studies 90 minutes per week for 1/2 of each quarter (then Science for 90 mins./week for the 2nd 1/2 of the quarter.). I make sure I read books that fit the content in guided reading and shared reading. We are free to fit in Social Studies however we see fit to reach our minutes in our school district. We do not have text books, but rather just a topic and a kit that has big books and a teacher manual with worksheets and lesson ideas. Our standards are very easy to understand and easy to apply. Illinois' state standards are divided into the same 5 sections you mentioned. The hardest to meet is probably history, because the kids have a hard time understanding how different things have happened in the past. They're still way to egocentric. My favorite part to teach is definitely geography. They love maps and there are so many fun projects we can do.

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