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Discussion in 'Middle School / Junior High' started by HopefullMidSci, Nov 9, 2011.

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    Nov 9, 2011

    Hello everyone, I'm currently in UTC studying to be a Middle Grades Science and Math teacher, and one of my courses requires me to pose a series of questions to a teacher about the inclusion of physical activities (games, stretching, etc) in their lessons. If anyone can help, I would be grateful.
    1. At what point of the class time do you consider would be best to have an activity on the subject currently being taught? (start of next day class, before class ends, in between)?
    2. If and when you do set up activities, what barriers or concerns might you have to work out?
    3. Do you feel that physical activities, even something as small as relay races to and from the whiteboard/chalkboard/etc for team based competitions, help reinforce the subject material and keep the knowledge fresh in the students heads?
    4. Are there any specific types of activities that you have done that seemed to work the best?
    5. Were there any attempted activities that just didn't seem to work and might not be tried again?
    6. Along with the activity being done, do you use any kind of reward system to bolster a competitive setting, and add an extra incentive to the students to retain the information you are basing the activity on?
    7. What kind of feedback from students and their parents have you received for using physical activities in the classroom in addition to the lecture style?

    Thank you very much again for reading through this and thinking and/or answering.
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    I will try to help Hopeful!

    1. I think it depends what the outcome is. I like to do movement in the middle of class sometimes to get their blood flowing and brains working. Sometimes I have them stand up to answer. I did that a lot when I taught 3rd grade.

    2. I don't use physical activities as much as I should now that I am teaching middle school. I know that they are helpful in many ways, but I guess I am more afraid of losing control of my preteens. I know, shame on me. Space is definitely a concern. There are certain math concepts that lend themselves to movement as well such as translation, reflection, flip etc.

    4. Like i said, standing up to answer. Sometimes I would have them all stand and then sit down to answer :) I used movement to teach perimeter and area, and some geometry. I also used movement to teach the concept of molecules and atoms.

    5. I had pretty good luck with everything I tried actually!

    6. I never used any sort of competition with the lessons.

    7. The kids loved it and I did find that they retained the info better.

    Hope that helps!

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