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    Hi all,
    I am looking for a TK-2 teaching position. I have student taught the Upper Grades for 7 months, but need to use a teaching job as my student teaching hours for the lower grades, according to Cal State Teach.

    I have two interviews this week. One is with the Lead Teacher of a TK class for a Charter School. Any idea what a Lead Teacher might be looking for or what kinds of questions I should expect? I am assuming this is for an Associate Teacher position in her classroom.

    The other interview is for a District I already Student Taught for last year. I am also a substitute teacher for the District. A Principal in the District loves me and is my Reference and I have a good reputation in the District. The Principal I know would give me a job but doesn't have any lower grade positions open at her school. So this is a good start, but this is a District Panel interview. Any idea would the Panel might be looking for or what kinds of questions I should expect? For this interview they are also asking for a 10 minute demo lesson on Language Arts. I am putting it together and think I will hand out formative assessments at the end. Any suggestions on the demo?

    Thanks for any advice you can give.

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