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Discussion in 'Job Hunting & Interviews' started by chemheim, Apr 9, 2019.

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    Apr 9, 2019

    Hi. I'm new to these forums so I apologize if this is a redundant post.

    I am applying to jobs to become a high school chemistry/physics teacher. I interviewed with a small rural district (about 75 students per class graduating class) that I really loved. The first interview was a panel interview with members of the science staff, the principal, several counselors, a student, and a member of the community. I thought I aced this interview and on my way out the principal mentioned that they only have 6-7 applicants for the position and if they really liked me they would move me onto a superintendents interview but if they were torn between two candidates at the completion of the first round of interviews that they would run "interview lessons" in order to further narrow the field.

    A day later they called to bring me in for a interview lesson which I thought went fairly well, but not without flaws. Finally, I received a call today saying they have checked my references and would like me to come in and interview with the superintendent next week.

    From your experience, what does an interview with a superintendent mean and what should I be prepared to answer? I'm really nervous because I really would like this position.
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    Apr 9, 2019

    An interview with the superintendent is usually just a rubber stamp. Sometimes they are truly curious about you, asking questions that might require a quick answer that is designed to see if you are quick on your feet, so to speak. My favorite question was about my favorite and least favorite students ever. He was looking for honesty that showed reflection. Good luck.
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    High school chemistry/physics?

    WHEN CAN YOU START?!?!??!!??!
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