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    Jun 23, 2007

    My sister in law has an interview for a special education assistant, can anybody give me some ideas to what she might be asked in the interview? Thank You!
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    I was a TA for 2 years, many of my kids had severe emotional and behavioral issues, some were special ed, it was a mix. Prior to that, I had interviewed for several TA jobs.

    They always wanted to know about my relationship with the teacher in the room, meaning they wanted to know that I would not take over the room, that it was the teacher's class. I was asked what I would do if I did not agree with the teacher's methods, ideas, etc. Unless the teacher does something dangerous or really wacky (and this is not what they were getting at), they want you to say that you will never go against him/her by disagreeing/arguing, etc. I know it seems common sense, but some TAs have a tendency to overstep their boundaries and also play the students against the teacher. I have met one like that and it was really unfair to the teacher and the kids.

    On the other hand, they may ask how you would feel if the teacher ASKS you for input and would you give it if asked?

    They will probably ask about her initiative-they want a TA to be able to jump in and "do", instead of sitting there and waiting for instruction, BUT at the same time, again, no overstepping. ;)

    They may ask about flexibility, since the students may be on different levels. They may want to know her best/favorite subjects.

    They may expect her to sub-some schools have subs, but others will have the TA take over when the teacher is out. It totally depends on the school.

    They may want to know why she wants to be a TA and if she aspires to teach.

    They may ask if she is comfortable working with students one on one/ in small groups. Again, flexibility.

    They may ask her what her role is in the classroom.

    Does she know what the actual job is-is it a classroom TA or a TA that is with one child all day? Sometimes, you do not know until you have the interview!

    If she has any questions, she can PM me.

    Wish her luck for me!:)

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