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    I teach reading for 3rd - 5th and I have been trying to decide what color to paint my room. I have been researching some of the colors. I do have a dividing little board all around my wall but in some places it is not even. I thought about painting it one color on top and another on bottom. It has paneling on the bottom and the top is just plaster. I have two long windows. I thought about light blue on the top for calming and a light green on the bottom for learning then my husband said I could just paint the two side walls one color and the two walls on the end walls one color. I want to help with the color of my classroom for learning.

    Is there anyone that has any ideas for me?? I am open???

    Thank you
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    Paint it white! My classroom is totally white including the cabinet. The counter tops and desks are the only things that aren't white, they are a nice brown. I really like because I was able to bring in my own color scheme and I know that I could easily change it at any time. Last year was red, blue, and green, and I'm sure I'll keep it the same this year! These pics show the beginning of the year so things were a bit bare, but I still like how the white gave me a lot of free choice.


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