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Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by heymrsp, Aug 29, 2010.

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    Hey everyone -

    My district just adopted Treasures after using Scott Foresman for years. I have been to a weeklong training on Treasures and I'm fairly comfortable with it, but I am wondering if anyone knows where (or if) I could find a scope and sequence of the Science/Social Studies Connections for each week? Does that even make sense?

    The reason I ask is because we are departmentalized, and I teach ELA, but our Content teacher is going to teach the content part of the series each week due to time constraints. We were hoping to get a list of what goes where in the curriculum to help us in our planning.
    I realize I could just go through the TE's, but thought maybe it's already been done somewhere?

    We appear to be using the California Treasures Edition - the first story in Unit 1 is "Goin' Someplace Special". Thanks so much for any help!

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