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Discussion in 'Job Seekers' started by workingwithkids, Jun 30, 2018.

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    I interviewed and verbally accepted a position on Wednesday. The principal offered the position to me during the interview. She told me that I would be hearing from the district soon. I haven't heard anything else from her or the district. How long should I wait before contacting her/district? I have had a job that was verbally offered to me end up being given to someone else in another district so I am very nervous. I have received several more interview requests since Wednesday that I have turned down due to this offer.
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    I would probably get in touch with HR or the principal after the holiday week to check on things if you still haven't heard anything by then. It's not unusual to not hear something for awhile, especially with the holiday week coming up. It's possible that they have to wait for the next school board meeting to have your hiring approved before they can move forward with any paperwork. I have been in a similar situation twice and finally emailed the principals both times. Both explained school board or HR policies that were causing the delay, and both jobs were mine in the end.

    At this point, you've only been waiting two business days... during the summer... right before a holiday week. You probably don't need to worry yet. If it were me, I would probably have turned down other interviews, too. However, if you're worried about it, then maybe you should continue to accept interviews until you know for sure.
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