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    Ok, last year I had the worst class ever. 31 kids; 19 boys, 11 girls; 8 high needs kids, and a couple of parents that were totally incompetent. Well, our principal, in all her wisdom, decided to put all 8 of the high needs kids into the same 6-9 classroom. Nothing is working to get the kids to do work quietly or even at all and the poor teachers are tearing their hair out. They can't focus on the kids that are working hard but still need guidance because this one group is so disruptive. Plus, the principal, Exectutive director, and mentor teacher are all starting to place the blame on the teachers for the students behavior. Geesh, the principal knew this group was a handful last year, and had the opportunity to split the group in half but chose not to.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for my friends on how they can manage the class with out taking the blame for the awful behavior of the students? I tried my best to work with the parents last year but they didn't want to help with any of the responsiblility. Since it is a public school it is very hard to say "This method of education may not be the best for your student and a more structured environment may suit their needs better". Although my collegues and I believe that Montessori can work for every child, it does not always work for every parent and they are really at the root of all the problems here.

    Thanks for listening to my vent, and any suggestions are welcome.

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