Properly Assessing ESL And ELL Students

Discussion in 'ESL/ELL' started by howema22, Apr 30, 2013.

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    I am currently a graduate student, who is studying to gain a literacy certification for children age B-6. I was interested in finding out some information about vocabulary instruction in your classrooms, and the experiences you've had with this topic.
    ESL and ELL is a very hot and newer topic that is discussed by many professionals since there are many students who come to this country and they are not proficient in speaking English. We as professionals need to be aware of this topic and how to provide these students with the opportunity to succeed using appropriate methods and tools for instruction and assessment.
    A question I would like to pose for other professionals who have had experiences with ELL and ESL students is: How will you demonstrate that their ELL students are being assessed in ways that do not require language knowledge beyond their level of English proficiency? What methods do you feel would be beneficial for you to use with your students? I feel that this is a difficult task for many teachers since they are trying to provide the ELL students with level based assignments, but also ensuring that the students will be challenged to stretch and improve their language development.
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    What are your thoughts on this topic?
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    Have you found a good answer to this question. I am wondering the same thing, and I think you expressed your concern well. I was having trouble asking it in a way where people understand what I am asking. I understand different accommodations, but I am more fuzzy when it comes to assessment. Do they just make bad grades for awhile. For example, if their English language proficiency is low, and they are expected to complete a 4th grade expository writing assignment. If I use a 4th grade level common core aligned rubric, they will earn almost a zero. Right? Is it fair to give them their own tailor made rubric working on one skill at a time because they should have different goals in mind.
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    The person who posted that original question hasn't posted any more since October of 2013. Unfortunately, we often have education students who post their homework questions but don't stick around for the conversation afterward.

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