Projector Setup - What is yours like?

Discussion in 'General Education' started by TeachCafe, Jan 11, 2018.

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    Jan 11, 2018

    In my district last year, I had a portable projector that I could hook up anywhere I wanted in the room, granted there was a plug. I also had an interactive whiteboard. Now that I ever used it interactively. I had a Ladibug and while I didn't like the neck of it, I did like that I could use my document camera with no laptop. I could actually have subs do real work under the doc camera because it didn't require a computer.

    Fast forward a year. In my new district, my projector is mounted to the ceiling and I have one hookup. Some plugs on the back wall that can access my projector. I also have to have my document camera plugged into my laptop which I really do hate because often I'll use Google in small group and if I have something projected I can't move my laptop. My Aver document camera is It has to be plugged into my laptop to access the Sphere software.

    Questions like this were never a thought in an interview. I saw the mounted projected but didn't think anything of it. If I'd know I'd have seriously given it more thought because maybe I was spoiled but this must be plugged into the laptop to work and me held hostage at the back of the room while the projector only faces one direction is a trip.

    What is your projector/laptop/document camera set up like? What products?

    Is this the typical way of mounted projectors so now I know if I do change schools or whatever, I'm saying no to mounted projected schools/districts because it just seems so...not modern.
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    Jan 11, 2018

    Hahahahahaha picky Pete. I can imagine the district laughing at you.

    I have a mounted projector, but I am able to connect my tablet wirelessly if I want. I usually just plug it in at the podium though as it is easier than connecting to the wireless.
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    You can buy wireless video transmitters and receivers to overcome this problem.

    Projectors themselves are a primitive, troublesome technology at odds with the needs of a teacher. Poor black levels, contrasts, and colors plague us on one hand, short bulb life, decaying image quality, and maintenance undermine us on the other. Projectors are trash technology we should have moved away from years ago—they belong in darkened theaters, not in classrooms or boardrooms.

    What we need is a large format, high-resolution HDR touch screen with wireless capability we could hang anywhere in a room, preferably with available height adjustment. Anyone who whines about the cost needs to add up the price of replacing a few projector bulbs. Or sit in the back of class and try to read from a "Smart Board."
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    My first setup was 12 years ago. The SmartBoard was on a stand, and the laptop was on a cart. I spent a ridiculous amount of time re-calibrating the board because it got bumped multiple times a day. It was a true pain. I had the first one in our building.

    My second setup was in the same classroom, and it was a wall-mounted board and ceiling-mounted projector. It was run by a desktop. I used a wireless slate to run the board remotely from all over my classroom. They put them in all of the English and math classrooms.

    My current setup is in a different classroom. It is also wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted with a destop to run it. I don't have a wireless slate anymore, and I really miss it. We cannot find any slates that will run with with a Windows 10 computer.

    I also have a document camera, but I don't use it all that much. I use my board all day, every day. All of our classrooms have projectors, interactive boards, document cameras, and sound systems.
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    To me this wouldn't be the hill to die on. I have a ceiling-mounted projector that ties into my computer, SmartBoard, and Elmo. Does the setup work perfectly all the time? No. Can I use it to communicate the information that I need to for each class? Yes. All of my units have a Smart Notebook component that is used to impart information and to link video elements that I use repeatedly. My students use the SmartBoard to take attendance in Canvas every day, and they use it for some of their group activities. We only use the document camera when we need to look at something that is not in electronic form. It works.
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    Ha, it's so funny to hear about mounted projectors being outdated and terrible. I didn't have anything, so I got a grant for a mounted interactive projector and I feel so fancy. My mentor always said the best teachers can teach with a stick in the sand, so I guess I've always just adjusted.
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    Jan 14, 2018

    My district is spending money to get projectors mounted to the ceilings on two campuses. I taught a course at one of those campuses after hours and was dismayed to find the projector on a cart. I hated it and requested the course be taught elsewhere next time.
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    Dude, go buy yourself a projector if it bothers you that much.

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