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Discussion in 'Job Seekers' started by hse6m, Mar 3, 2009.

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    I saw someone else posted an question about PP in January. It went unanswered so I am trying again.

    Anyone have ANY FEEDBACK at all on PP?

    I am excited by this route because I am already up to my neck in student debt and can't pay the mortgage if I go back to school full time.

    But, their admissions info session did not seen all that honest and since then I have discovered that the CSET waiver is far more difficult to acquire than they lead me to believe and that APLE loan repayment program is not nearly as good a deal as they said. I read one review that said that they don't actually pay for your books, that the supervisor never showed up, that the teachers were terrible, that you can't miss a single day of class and pass and that PP was really shady about accepting the TFE pass and letting students take the accelerated route.

    Opinions of students?

    Anyone else out there thinking about it?

    Have you found alternatives?

    Educators input on this program? Alternatives considering I am changing careers and have a house and family and can't go back to school full time?

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