Procedures and classroom rules help!!

Discussion in 'New Teachers' started by NewbieTeach, Aug 10, 2008.

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    Aug 10, 2008

    Hello!! This may seem silly, but i have made a list of all the procedures I want to cover in my classroom but I want to make sure I haven't missed any! Can someone please post their procedures so i can see if ive missed anything?

    Also- I totally unsure of what to do as far as classroom many do i need? Do i let them help me make them? I saw a post where the students did charades of rules and the teacher took a picture of them doing the rule correctly and posted it...How many rules do i need? Some teachers only have 1! help!!

    Ps. I'm teaching fourth grade this year for the first time everrrrrrr
    thanks in advance!!
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    Aug 10, 2008

    I teach 8th so I don't know how much this will help but I went over:
    Handbook basics not all of the handbook just the major changes we had changes in the grade scale and how many days they can miss.
    We have a one warning rule. If they talk out, blurt out, get up from seat without permission, etc, we do not say anything just place their name on the board. If it happens again we send them straight to the office, after that they recieve ISS.
    This is working we only had one student sent to the office in the couple of days we have been to school. Usually the first couple days we have about 50 writeups.
    Also, went over how we will line up to go to lunch etc..About no talking in line to lunch after they are seated they can talk with a whisper.
    Also went over the concession time and break.
    Also went over the material they need specically for my class.
    Went over my syallbus and that we are a tested sub. Test March 4th
    What is excepted about bathroom breaks.
    I can not think of anything else if i do I will repost
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    I have always heard to have three to five rules. I don't have all my procedures finished, but some that I have are:
    Entering/leaving the room
    Turning in work
    Needing a pencil
    Getting my attention
    Going to the restroom
    Me getting the class' attention
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    Aug 10, 2008

    Would anyone mind e-mailing me a sample of their procedures?? This is my first year and I'm just not sure how I should word them. I will be teaching middle school and was thinking of typing them up along with my class rules.

    Some of the procedures I want to discuss are:
    ~entering/exiting the class
    ~homework policy
    ~late work
    ~What to do if absent
    ~what to do if you finish classwork early
    ~No cellphones
    ~sharpening pencils, bathrooms, etc
    ~what I will say when I need their attention
    ~turning work in

    Did I leave anything out??? Thanks for your help.
  6. msmath

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    Aug 10, 2008

    PM me and I will send you the packet I gave them last year. I teach 7th grade. I'm on a different computer now, but if you private message me to remind me, I'll send you it later tonight. You seemed to hit the major ones. I have to check my list to see if I had anymore.

  7. kstar03

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    Aug 10, 2008

    MSMath, I hope you don't mind if I PM you too? I would love to see another 7th grade teacher's info
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    Aug 11, 2008

    I am in a high school science lab, so my rules tend to revolve around the tempting equipment students can't seem to resist-like sinks and gas valves. Everything else is an "expectation" of behavior. This is my third year. First year was as a LTS and I had to use that teacher's policies. I kept most for the second year, and have changed it again this year. Will keep tweaking my policies as I learn more about me and what I will and will not tolerate.
  9. SashaBear

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    Aug 11, 2008

    Do you have Harry Wongs First Day of School book? Its great!
  10. Chas

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    Aug 11, 2008

    I hope you will eventually post the info here for everyone when you get to your computer!

    I posted about what my plan for the first day of school is on another thread, here:

    Warning: VERY LONG!!!
  11. msmath

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    Aug 11, 2008

    Ok Chas, I will post it. It is long though. I teach 7th grade. I am going to change a little of this, but not too much. The no homework slip that I mention is a slip that students have to fill out. It has a list of common reasons of why someone might miss homework and a space for them to explain, and sign. It also says on top "Completing your homework or assignment is your responsibility as a student." I got this idea from this board (I think) a year ago.

    Procedures:STARTING CLASS

    Class begins when you enter the room.
    Walk into the classroom quietly.
    Sit down in your assigned seat.
    Take out your homework, notebook, and pencils.
    Copy homework and objective.
    Work on the task independently (no talking).


    Once the bell rings, you are considered late.
    ENTER QUIETLY - NO TALKING. If you have a pass, put the pass on my desk in the pass bin.
    Have a seat. Take out your notebook, and get started on your work immediately.
    If you do not have a pass: first- warning, second- 15 minute lunch detention, third- 30 minute after school detention (Friday), fourth- referral


    I will stand in front of the class, and raise my hand. I will count backwards from 5-1. By 1, the class should stop what they are doing, and sit silently. I will then begin to speak.


    0 - No Voices
    1 - Whisper or "Buddy" Voices
    2 - Group Voices (can only be heard clearly at your group)
    3 - Classroom Voices (can be heard clearly across the room, used during class discussions and when you are presenting in front of the class)


    During the lesson, write down any questions you have. After the lesson, raise your hand and ask the questions.
    Make a question mark in your notes, class work, or homework. Always ask questions when you are confused!
    If you have a question that is off topic or that I didn’t get to answer by the end of the period, write it down and ask it later. You can post it on the “Parking Lot.”

    If you have a question during work time, remember 1-2-3-ME.
    1- Look in your notes, textbook, or look on the board.
    2-Ask your partner (the person sitting next to you).
    3- Ask a person in your group.
    If you still have a question or if you are confused, raise your hand and ask me.


    Copy the homework that you missed (homework for the week will be on the board).
    Retrieve any handouts/assignments that you missed from the absent folder.
    If you were absent 1 day, you have 1 day to make up the work. If you were absent 2 days, you have 2 days to make up the work, etc.
    Put make-up work in the late folder. WRITE ABSENT on the top.
    Make-up work is YOUR responsibility.
    You should have a “buddy” in class. You should copy the notes you missed from your “buddy.”


    Fill out the “No Homework Slip.”
    Turn the “No Homework Slip” in.
    You can hand in late homework, but you will not receive full credit.
    You have 1 day to hand in missing homework.
    Put late homework in the late folder.


    Place homework on the desk to the right of you.
    If/when you receive a paper, place yours on top and continue passing to your right.
    A homework monitor will collect all stacks.


    Review vocabulary words. Make a Frayer Model for the word wall.
    Study your notes.
    Sudoku puzzle.
    Start your homework.


    No passes the first and last 10 minutes of class.
    Bathroom passes may be given during the work time only.
    Do not ask to go to the bathroom during the lesson.


    You must ask permission before leaving your seat.
    Do not ask to leave your seat during the lesson or class discussion.


    Sharpen pencils when you first come to class (sharpeners are on my desk).
    Have two sharpened pencils at all times in case a pencil breaks.
    Do not get up during the lesson to sharpen pencils.
    You may sharpen pencils during the work time. Raise your hand first.
    If you do not have a pencil, you are marked unprepared. Borrow a pencil from the pencil bin.


    Throw away all trash at the end of class.
    Do not get up from your seat to throw away trash during the lesson.
    Do not shove trash/papers into the desks. Before you are dismissed, check your desks for papers/garbage.


    Do not pack up prior to the bell.
    The bell doesn’t end class; class ends when I dismiss you.
    When I dismiss you, push in your chairs, and quietly exit the room.


    30% Tests/Projects
    25% Quizzes
    25% Class work/Participation/Effort
    20% Homework

    **Grades will be posted on and will be available for parents and students to view. Students will be given an id number to use to make an account.

    **Every Friday there will be a quiz.
    **Notebooks will be checked once a quarter and count towards class work.


    Marble notebook
    Loose-leaf paper

    Optional, but recommended:

    Calculator (for home- one is provided in class)
    Markers, crayons, or colored pencils


    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - 1st period

    I have 5 simple and basic class rules. I give a quiz on the procedures and rules the first Friday.
  12. msmath

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    OK, so above were my procedures. I have 5 class rules. Keep it simple. I don't have them make them, but I do spend time having them work in pairs about and have them give specifics for each rule. For example, rule #1 is Respect teacher, peers, and school property. They have to explain that respect would mean not writing on the desks, no cursing, no fighting, etc. That gives them some ownership. They also have to explain why we need rules, etc.

    1. RESPECT yourself, your peers, school property, and your teacher.
    2. Follow directions the first time they are given.
    3. Raise your hand and wait to be called on before speaking.
    4. The 5 P's: Punctual, Prepared, Productive, Polite, take Pride in all you do.
    5. All school rules will be followed (ex: no cellphones)

    If you CHOOSE to break a rule:

    1. Warning
    2. 10 min. lunch detention/phone call/note home
    3. After school detention (only on Friday) phone call home
    4. Referral.

    It rarely gets to step 4 because I use preventive methods: proximity, walk around the classroom, eye contact, teacher look, move seats, talk with a student, etc.
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    Aug 15, 2008

    Here is my work0in progress: Its pretty complete, but I will be adding a few items and a final word. I have a wild bunch coming up so I decided to be very specific on paper so I can refer back to it often.

    ***Class goal: Every student will…

    "Pass the TAKS and get 10 more questions correct over last year’s exam."

    If this goal seems too “BIG” for you: THIS is Your year for CHANGE. Get ready!

    ***Supplies you MUST bring everyday:
    pencil AND pen
    A notebook AND folder OR a binder
    Your math textbook

    ***FAIR Warning: Every teacher has a few things that bug them. Here is what I do NOT tolerate under any circumstance:
    1) Cheating
    2) Bullying
    3) Laziness
    4) Talking during the moment of silence or announcements
    5) Asking me for a pencil

    ***TARDIES: I strictly enforce the ******* Middle School Tardy Policy.
    You must be in your assigned desk with your paper & pencil out and ready when the bell rings or you will be marked tardy.

    *TUTORING: You are encouraged to come during tutoring times for extra help or to work quietly on your homework. If you are failing this class, you MUST fill out and adhere to a Personal Tutoring Schedule. Tutoring times are subject to change. Check the board for changes.
    Mondays 3:45-4:15
    Wednesdays 3:45-4:15

    ***TEXTBOOK: Bring your textbook to class daily unless I tell you otherwise. Do not leave it near little kids. You know what might happen if you do. The book needs to be free of marks, rips, creases or other damage. Do not eat or drink near the book. Replacement cost is $ ______________. Your textbook must be covered at all times. (Covering your math textbook is your homework due Wednesday, August 27, 2008)

    ***Sign the In & Out Book when you
    1. Enter tardy
    2. Go to the restroom
    3. Use a pass to go anywhere in the school
    When you sign the In & Out book, neatly fill out all sections. Be sure to include your first and last name and accurate time, date and location.

    ***Getting your attention: I usually get your attention in one of two ways. I will simply ask for your attention with my voice or I will use a call bell. Either way, you are expected to stop talking and moving immediately and make eye contact with me to show me you are ready to listen. This is a matter of respect.

    ***Asking questions: I encourage you to ask questions when you feel confused. During a lesson, simply raise your hand. When you are working independently or in groups, follow the rule “C3B4Me” which means, “Ask three people your question, before asking Ms. ******.” Your classmates make excellent teachers too!

    ***Helping a classmate: If a classmate asks you for help, do not give him the answer. Make him work for it! Show the classmate where to find the answer, give him the first step, or give a gentle reminder.

    ***Turning in your work: Your work is turned in directly to my hand. Do NOT put it on my desk—ever. This goes for work turned in late as well.

    ***Dismissal from class: The bell does not dismiss you. I dismiss you. I will dismiss you when all class materials are returned properly, and the floor under your row is free of debris. Stay in your assigned seat until I dismiss you. If you don’t want to be late to your next class, do your part.

    ***Finishing class work early: If you finish your assignments early, you can:
    Complete missing assignments (a top priority)
    Do the Math Trivia of the Week Question (participation point)
    Create a Vocabulary Chart (participation point)
    Complete a Math Masters task (participation point)
    Use the computer for Larson Math, Fast Math or math-related research (You must check with me first before using the computer)
    Use the multiplication flash cards to study
    Help students in need
    You may not:
    Complete work or study for another class
    Simply socialize

    Bathroom passes:
    When you can go:
    You have had satisfactory participation in class
    You have bathroom passes remaining (4 passes for math class/6-weeks)
    Its independent work time
    No one else from class is out (1 person at a time)
    You have your planner (not a friend’s)

    When you can’t go:
    You are out of bathroom passes (That’s the way the cookie crumbles.)
    You are working in groups or I am teaching the whole class.
    It’s the first or last ten minutes of class.
    Code Blue
    You forgot or lost your planner.

    ***Sharpening pencils, using the stapler, using the 3-hole punch: Be quick. I highly recommend you take extra pencils to class to avoid the use of the sharpener.
    When you can:
    During warm-ups after the bell rings
    Independent work time (Raise your pencil to ask for permission before getting up.)
    When you can’t:
    As the bell is ringing (See Tardy Policy)
    You are working in groups or I am teaching the whole class.
    You’ve sharpened your pencil 1,000,000 times already

    ***Entering the classroom:
    Sit down in your assigned desk and get your materials out. If the bell has not rung you may talk quietly with the people sitting next to you. You may not wander around the classroom or talk loudly even if the bell has not rung. You may not loiter near the doorway. This is a classroom not Friday night at the mall.

    ***Class Materials:
    Textbooks: You are supposed to bring your textbook to class everyday. If you forget your textbook you will receive an infraction for being unprepared to class. You may borrow one during class by signing one out. You will need to neatly fill out the Textbook Borrowing Sheet. You are responsible for all damage to this book including marks, tears, and stains to the cover, binding, and pages themselves.

    Markers, Colored Pencils, and crayons: You may use the colors with respect. If they are not used properly, I will put them away and we will not do activities that involve color. The colors must be returned to their proper bins before the class is dismissed. It is not okay to throw them in the trash because you are too lazy to put them away. The class may not leave until they are returned properly. Please avoid sharpening the colored pencils excessively, breaking the crayons, or losing the marker caps. It is not okay to use these materials when you forget a pencil or pen.

    Scissors, glue, and rulers: You must also use these materials with respect. If they are not used properly, I will put them away and we will not do creative activities. These materials must be returned and counted before anyone is dismissed. Do not sharpen pencils with scissors. There is no reason a ruler should break if it is used properly. Rulers are not light sabers.

    Research materials and resource books: Keep these neat. Put them back exactly where you found them. They are to stay in the room unless you get special permission.

    Laminated math charts: Math charts are available for you to use all the time. If you need one, raise your hand and ask permission to get out of your seat. Treat them with respect. Never write on the math charts.

    ***Gum: Don’t chew it, but more importantly it goes in the trash. You will get in more trouble for sticking your gum to inappropriate places than you ever will for chewing it.

    ***Food and Drink: Absolutely no drinks allowed in ****** Middle School (except after school from the vending machine.) There is no food or drink allowed in math class.

    ***Homework: Your math homework will be assigned weekly. Assignments will be given on Fridays. Assignments will be due on Thursdays. If you do not understand the assignment you have all week to ask for help during class or at tutoring. There is no excuse for not completing your homework. Homework will be worth two daily grades each week.

    ***Teacher’s stuff: You may not touch anything that is on my desk, computer desk, filing cabinet, or shelf. If I leave a pen or other item somewhere else in the room it is still mine. It is not called borrowing, it is called stealing. Do not go behind my desk to speak with me. Stay in front of it or to the side. Students may use the stapler and 3-hole punch on the shelf in the back of the room.
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    Jul 6, 2010

    I am a new teacher this year. I would love it if you would share with me as well!
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    Jul 10, 2010

    I was curious if you have parents and students sign your rules and procedures? I read somewhere that it is a good idea so you can't get the please be easy on my child, as I didn't know fromt he parent?
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    I didn't read the other threads so this might be a repeat, but have a procedure in place for puking. Really. Mine was: grab the trash can and go to the hall. They dan't need to ask, but try to make eye contact with me on the way out so I know what's going on :)
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    I have this in excel and use it to make sure all my classes get taught all the procedures. I haven't updates it yet this year.

    entering the classroom
    exiting the classroom
    sharpening pencils
    raise your hand to leave your seat
    raise your hand to speak
    have all materials every day
    begin Do Now as soon as seated
    come with sharpened pencils
    class! yes!
    class participation/ SRC
    out of seat
    get a tissue
    when finished with Do Now
    paper collection
    classroom discussion
    off topic questions
    comments/ suggestions box
    moving around the room
    fire drill
    tornodo drill
    lockdown drill
    guests visiting room
    intercom announcements
    substitue teachers
    group work
    it's cool
    hands & eyes
    grading scale
    laying on desk
    baskets on table
    tables - no writing
    gum/ candy
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    Um... cmw... laying on desk?:confused:
  19. cmw

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    Laying their heads on the desk. :p I actually had tables so they could fir on there if they wanted to. It's an annoyance of mine when students confuse class with nap time. I actually had a student who would fall asleep sitting straight up last year during music class. And yes we were loud and music was blaring. :lol: He just didn't get enough sleep at night.
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    Here's part of why I'm able to teach a real lesson on the first day.

    Our school works about Civility, Order and Respect. We have kids in grades 6-12, and every single one of them is familar with that motto.

    A kid who lives that motto is well behaved.

    On the first day, I talk about it for a minute or two.

    That's it for rules.

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