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Discussion in 'Private School Teachers' started by justwanttoteach, Mar 13, 2015.

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    Mar 13, 2015

    hey all I should have my credential in April. I met with a principal today and toured the campus. I was introduced to the staff as a prospective teacher. I'm going to assume he liked me...otherwise why did he introduce me to teachers who were busy teaching, right? Technically this wasn't an interview it was just a general meet and greet. So now my question is how long do I wait until I follow up and ask...about an interview or better yet the position?

    I am new to the informal tours and such...anyone else deal with this? Some background info, I had been corresponding with the principal for about a week regarding the open position. It doesn't start till next year...and honestly I am just looking for experience he told me he liked what he saw on my application and experience...and wanted to meet. (Hence the impromptu meeting/tour)

    Any advice or feedback would be great
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    Mar 15, 2015

    Are you looking or advice about whether or not to teach in a private school or are you wanting to see if it sounds like he is interested in hiring you?
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    I don't understand the thread title either...

    In any case, I'd send a thank you note, reiterate that you would be interested in any upcoming openings, and then I'd start mailing out packages to other schools/districts.
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    my private school gives tours to all prospective teachers. before they interview they want to be sure that you're interested in the job at all. the campus tour is meant to give you a quick rundown, and is meant to see how you interact with the other teachers right away. (demeanor, etc).

    i would definitely reach out to them if you're interested. if it's anything like my school, the ball is in your court right now.

    hope this helps!

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