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    Hi my collegues,

    Is there any teacher here in Texas? I am a new teacher. Parents of students in my school asked me if I can offer private tutoring services to their child, who is in my school but not my student. I was trying to find the school/district guidelines or any policies talking about this and I found this in my district guidelines:
    "Tutoring of students: A teacher shall not be permitted to use the school building for giving private lessons for pay nor to receive any money for giving instruction outside of school hours to pupils whose promotion he or she will be called upon to pass judgment."
    As I understand through this policy, I definitely can tutor students who are not in my class and not depending on my judgment. Am I correct?
    FYI: I just found this but it is in Massachuset:
    Could you please help. Thank you so much.
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    You may be understanding it correctly, but districts can have different policies. Where I worked there, you were not allowed to tutor kids for $ who were in your class or could be. could not tutor a younger grade than you teach or anyone in the grade level you teach. They explained it was because the younger 1 might be in your class the next year or so. Also, kids in the same GL transferred classes sometimes. If you were a 4th grade teacher, you could tutor 5th and up for money in that district. Check to see if the district has a policy. Good luck!
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